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  • offers secure, cold storage for all deposits
  • site prides itself for being extremely easy to use
  • site prides itself for being extremely easy to use


At this moment in time, there are numerous bitcoin-based casinos available on the market. There is absolutely no use to go over the benefits of gambling via bitcoin anymore, considering the fact that the digital currency has reached a new era in its time, and millions of people throughout the world use it on a daily basis for its transparency, anonymity, ease of use and more.

BetMoose represents an interesting bitcoin casino, judging by the fact that it has no actual games, and you cannot bet on normal games. Rather, the purpose of the casino is to place bets on predications of all kinds. A couple of examples featured on the site right now include: Bitcoin will top $1,000 before 2017, Will Hillary Clinton be Indicted, Will Cersei Lannister die in the 7th season of Game of Thrones, the outcome of the French 2017 Presidential Elections, Bitcoin will reach $800 by January 2017 and more.

The site prides itself for being extremely easy to use. To facilitate this, users are allowed to place bets anonymously, without registering on the site or sign up on the site for free in exchange for a couple of benefits that the platform offers. Not only this, but deposits can be made with 0 confirmations, therefore clients can post active bets within a few seconds. The platform will also pay the miner fees associated with all withdrawals and pay outs, so users will always get what is being advertised.

In terms of the gameplay features that the platform offers, some of these include both fixed odds and pari-mutuel odds bet types, multi-option bets where clients can bet with 5 possible outcome options, a powerful filter and search tool that allows users to find exactly what they’re looking for, detailed stats which clients can use to track their performance, a can’t lose of you win pay out approach, alongside with a profit calculator meant for tactical bets. Some of the other features that BetMoose has include levels based on your reputation, a hall of fame, an activity centre, the possibility to customize your profile, and achievements (coming soon).

In terms of their security, BetMoose offers secure, cold storage for all deposits made to their website, so, in the unfortunate case of a hack, your funds will remain safe regardless of the attack’s intensity.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, BetMoose represents a great casino where you can exercise your prediction powers, while also winning bitcoin in case your predictions are indeed correct.

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