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SwC Poker

SwC Poker

  • the website uses a brilliant piece of software
  • best support team
  • the website uses a brilliant piece of software


Card games have been around for hundreds of years, yet one of the most popular card games ever created remains poker to this day. As the era of the internet has evolved, poker casinos have appeared on the web as well. Now, there are several bitcoin casinos dedicated to poker.

For those that do not know, poker is a very mental game, which consists in judging your luck right, getting into your opponent’s heads, and winning money. SwC Poker is one of the most popular bitcoin-based poker casinos, bringing together hundreds of different players on a daily basis.

To put things better into perspective, the casino is run by a small team of people who originate from the SealsWithClubs community, and who have decided that running a bitcoin casino would be an interesting business operation.

At this moment in time, users who wish to begin playing on the website are required to register by submitting a username, password and email. When it comes down to depositing, it can be simply done by sending the funds to a unique address given by the website, and waiting for one confirmation, before being able to gamble the funds. Withdrawals are also processed fairly quickly. In some rare cases, they can take a couple of hours, especially if extra verification needs to be carried out.

In terms of the playing experience, the website uses a brilliant piece of software that makes the poker experience quite enjoyable. There is also an uncensored chat where players are free to discuss about the game, share their view and talk about whatever else they wish. Currently, one chip is worth 1/1000 of a BTC, but players are allowed to gamble as much as they wish.

For added security, players’ funds are segregated and not used to pay for operating expenses, whereas a couple of security mechanisms are put in place to avoid bots, and keep the experience as fair and real as possible.

Perhaps one of the most important things worth pointing out is the fact that the application requires users to download a PC client, to get access to the full experience of playing poker via the platform.

In case players have any questions, they are encouraged to contact the support team, and they’ll get an answer as soon as possible.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, while SwC Poker is not the most visually pleasing casino on the market, it is definitely worth a try thanks to its innovative playing experience, nice community and great support.

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