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  • withdrawals can be made instantly
  • provably fair gaming
  • accepts affiliate marketers
  • accepts affiliate marketers


It has often been stated that bitcoin gabling has helped revolutionize the world of online gambling, and this is quite understandable, considering the fact that gambling via bitcoin has a whole lot of advantages, when compared to fiat-based gambling on the Internet.

During the last couple of months, BetBTC has managed to become of the most popular bitcoin casinos present on the market. It functions as a 2-in-1 gambling platform, as it features both a dice game, but also the feature to bet on sports, like most other casinos present on the Internet.

For those who have never tried it before, the platform offers users the possibility to bet on a good number of sports, including horse racing events, soccer events, tennis events, cricket events, basketball events, motorsport events and last but not least, football events. The odds are often good, and if they bet smart, then most players can end up making a considerably amount of money on the website.

When it comes down to the dice game, it works similarly when compared to most of the other dice games present on the market. With this in mind, users have the possibility to set their win chance, and stake. The purpose of the dice game is to bet either above or below a certain threshold. If your bet does turn out to be successful, you’ll be given the funds invested, alongside with a profit that depends on your win change. The dice game also has an automated betting function that allows users to set a number of roles, the chance for each role, alongside with the stake. The system will then go ahead and carry out the bets, but will also credit you whenever you win. As dice games have stirred quite a bit of controversy on the market, it’s worth pointing out that BetBTC’s platform is fully provably fair, which means that the site uses cryptographic measurements to prove that each roll was indeed fair, and has not been tempered with.

Deposits need at least one confirmation before the coins in question can be used for bets, whereas withdrawals can be made instantly, at any time during the day. The site also accepts affiliate marketers, and is willing to give them 30% of the taxes on player winnings.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, BetBTC is a great casino and sportsbook betting provider that works great via bitcoin, and offers a couple of awesome features to all of its players. Try it out and you surely won’t regret your decision.

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