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  • Bitzillions is an exciting online dice casino
  • provably fair system
  • provably fair gaming


At this moment in time, there are numerous bitcoin casinos which consist in quite a good number of great games. One casino that aims to make a difference in the industry by introducing an alternative of a popular game is Bitzillions, with the help of Satoshi Bones.

To put things better into perspective, Satoshi Bones is basically a dice game, but with a twist. Thanks to its visually-pleasing design, and smart way of encouraging players to play, it has quickly managed to make quite a name for itself on the market.

Based on this, to play, users will have to bet to roll a number lower or above a certain threshold. At this moment, the game offers players the option to select their bets from a list of preconfigured numbers. Together with this, each number comes along with a winning odd, and a multiplier, alongside with information referring to the minimum and maximum bets for each number in question.

When it comes down to depositing, the website warns users that there are a couple of bitcoin wallets which may not work properly. Coinbase, Btc-E, Coinbase and other wallets where users do not directly control the bitcoin keys are not supported well by the platform. When it comes down to the fees, users are required to include a network fee high enough to make sure that mining pool operators will accept the transaction in question. Once a deposit is made, users are encouraged to wait for one confirmation, as double spending results in an immediate ban of the user in question. When withdrawing, Bitzillions strives to complete the transaction instantly. Pay-outs will have the network fee subtracted, to ensure priority of the transaction on the network.

Just like many other online casinos, and dice games, Bitzillions also has a provably fair mechanism, meant to prove that roll results are not countered with, and that they represent the correct outcome at all times. With this in mind, the bet outcome on Satoshi Bones is calculated by hashing every day’s secret with the transaction ID. Users are free to use the method to check out the system by themselves, prior to playing.

The casino also comes along with another exciting feature that is based on selling stake in the house. With this in mind, monthly, 10% of all profits are sold, and in case the game itself is sold to someone else, the stake holders will be paid proportionally.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, Bitzillions is an exciting online dice casino that comes along with only one, but incredibly enjoyable game.

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