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  • provably fair system of the game
  • possibility to place bets programmatically
  • possibility to place bets programmatically


Yet another bitcoin casino that has been around for quite a while and has managed to make a name for itself on the market is CoinRoll. Funded back in 2013, the casino has quickly managed to attract a wide variety of clients, thanks to their awesome game, customer support and visually-pleasing aesthetics.

As the name suggests, CoinRoll is basically a bitcoin dice game, which makes it similar to the rest available at this moment in time. The game comes along with a couple of game modes that allow users to select their win odds alongside with the multiplier. To help keep a positive playing experience, the game often induces max bets, which depend based on the win odds, and the threshold selected.

When it comes down to depositing and withdrawals, the casino has a couple of rules. With this in mind, they do accept unconfirmed deposits, but withdrawals can only be processed once the initial deposit has been confirmed. The current confirmation policy requires transactions of up to 5 BTC to have 1 confirmation, those between 5 and 20 BTC to have 2 confirmations, whereas those between 20 and 50 require 3 confirmations. Last but not least, all transactions of over 60 BTC require 6 confirmations or more. To help increase the casino’s security, CoinRoll has introduced deferred withdrawals. In case your balance is not yet confirmed, your withdrawal request will be added to a queue and be processed once the required number of confirmations is reached.

In terms of the provably fair system of the game, it’s important to point out that the lucky numbers are generated automatically, based on mathematical algorithms that take your deposit transaction ID into account. Once a number is elected, you have the possibility to check whether the result is fair or not.

A couple of the other cool features that CoinRoll comes along with include a chat, the possibility to place bets programmatically, via the casino’s API, and the possibility to join custom games. Users who have any questions whatsoever can simply contact the customer support team that will get back to them as soon as possible.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, CoinRoll brings forward a solid platform, where smart gamblers have the potential of winning quite a lot of money. While some may consider that it is not the best out there, it’s definitely worth a shot.

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