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  • offers an affiliate marketing program
  • most of the system is completely automatic
  • offering a live chat with some of the other players of the casino
  • offers an affiliate marketing program


Bitcoin casinos are in the spotlight once again, thus explaining why thousands of people are looking for more bitcoin casinos to try out. However, picking the right one is often considered as difficult, since the market is filled with tons of options to choose from.

Gambit doesn’t focus much on the user interface and design on the site, but it does offer a wide variety of awesome games, leader boards, quick deposits and withdrawals, but also a competent support team, and the potential to win quite a lot of money, especially if you gamble smart.

At this moment in time, Gambit offers a variety of interesting games that players can enjoy, including Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, and a few classic games, such as Backgammon, Dominoes, Yatzy, Bitnopoly, Chains, MoneyMania and more. As the website also has a leader board, users can rank on it based on the number of chips that they have won, and their rating, which is a nice way of engaging players to interact with one another.

Gambit is also popular for offering a live chat with some of the other players of the casino, where they can interact, and discuss gambling strategies, and just about anything else.

Another great feature of Gambit is the fact that players are not required to create an account in order to play, therefore gambling is completely anonymous, and works at all times. However, if they choose to, players can also create an account that requires their email, username and a password, yet this is not obligatory.

On a downside, there have been some issues in regards to how well the support team responds, as most of the system is completely automatic. However, after some testing, it has been determined that you likely won’t encounter any sort of issues, yet if you do have questions, you can always send out an email to find out more about the issue that you may be facing.

For those who are interested, the gambling platform also offers an affiliate marketing program, which means that you can refer your friends and earn chips that can be used to gamble on the website. The program is divided into two tiers, each with different forms of rewards that can be taken into consideration.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, Gambit is definitely not the most popular bitcoin casino, yet it does offer some features, and users can implement various strategies for good wins, which is great.

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