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  • WeathBet currently accepts deposits and withdrawals in a couple of digital currencies
  • The platform also has an affiliate program
  • The platform also has an affiliate program


Similar to BetMoose, this particular online casino also offers people the possibility to bet on predictions- but there’s twist. This gambling platform is meant for the sole purpose of allowing its clients to bet on the weather condition.

You heard that right. The website offers a variety of regions to choose from, and you can proceed to bet on the temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, rain/snow and more. At this moment in time, the platform offers a few thousand cities that they’re monitoring, and which you can bet on.

In terms of their features, the platform also employs a location service that checks which city you are currently resided in, and helps you easily bet on the weather condition over there. Additionally, users can also choose the period of time that they would like to bet on, as the website also offers an interactive timeline that players can have fun with while betting. Not only this, but the website also shows the current temperature, wind speed and atmospheric pressure for all regions that they’re currently monitoring.

When it was first launched, some members of the digital currency community doubted whether the casino was provably fair or not. Thankfully, WeathBet offers the source for all of their forecast information, on each bet that a user makes.

In terms of the payment options, WeathBet currently accepts deposits and withdrawals in a couple of digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, thus making the site perfect for alternative currencies as well. WeathBet also offers an automatic withdraw feature, detailed stats, instant conversion and a competitive rate.

WeathBet strives to offer its clients an innovative, yet secure platform where they can bet on the weather outside. However, its popularity would be significantly lower if the gambling platform wouldn’t respect some security protocols. With this in mind, anonymous betting is possible, as users are not required to sign up with an email and password- they simply have to deposit some of their funds, and begin betting with ease. This makes the platform extremely easy to use, even for those who are not versatile with technology, or are still new to online betting via bitcoin.

The platform also has an affiliate program, categorized in three levels: bronze (earn 2% from all affiliates), silver (earn 4% from all affiliates), and last but not least, gold (learn 6% from all affiliate bets).

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, WeathBet represents a great and innovative betting platform, with no actual competition on the market at this moment in time. If you do feel like you’d like to bet on the weather outside, then definitely try WeathBet out, and you likely won’t regret your choice to do so.

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